Why we need H&S laws

These pictures were sent to the HLC by a safety rep. To the best of our knowledge, none of these was taken at Heathrow and we think that they all come from abroad. We hope that David Cameron takes a good look at these before he gets rid of too many of those employment laws that cause such a burden to the employer. Be warned - this could become the new way of working if we don't fight to keep our H&S laws.

An ingenious solution to the problem of a forklift that can't quite reach. Can I see the risk assessment please?

Another example of two people who are happy "working at heights." I'm not quite sure what they're doing up there, but stop it - right now!

Some people just won't wear PPE. At the moment the employer has to provide it free of charge. Who knows after the Tories have been in a while.

Health and Safety Laws, Regulations and Codes of Practice

Accident Reporting and Investigation